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Finance For Corporates

Finance For Corporates

Businesses are under pressure to do more with less. Management must innovate to reduce risks and expenses while at the same time build a sustainable organisation, improve profits, and maximise value for stakeholders. 

In-house legal teams report their most significant challenge is resource and budget limitations. Procurement teams report they are focusing on cost reduction, increasing cash flow and managing risks. They are scrutinising all outsourcing strategies and legal expenditure is under review. 

Litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution are one of the largest categories of legal expense and one of the most likely areas of work to be outsourced by businesses.

Legal disputes are typically costly and an unpredictable, time consuming distraction from business objectives. As a result, some businesses have forgone pursuing legitimate legal claims to avoid the expense, risk and disruption.

Now there is a solution.

High performing businesses are turning to new financing models to pursue their legal rights, unlock the monetary value in disputes and de-risk their balance sheets. 

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