Global Investor Recoveries

Global Investor Recoveries

When investments lose value

Institutional investors are sometimes confronted with misconduct, alleged wrongdoing, or even fraud at investee companies that can lead to significant losses in their investments. It has become more common for investors to pursue their losses through collective redress, using shareholder class actions (also known as securities class actions) to recover significant sums on behalf of their beneficiaries.

However, there are many issues to consider before deciding whether to join a class action, when to join, which class to join if multiplicity exists, and how to engage investees.

Choosing the right funding partner is critical

Teaming with a highly experienced, well-resourced dispute financier enables institutional investors to navigate complex legal landscapes to maximise recoveries. IMF Bentham has unmatched expertise in identifying class actions with merit and commercial viability and achieves successful resolutions for thousands of claimants.

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